Flowers and Other Stuff

Spring is here and that means a lot of flowers.  Duffy checks out the roses each morning to make sure there are no uninvited critters underneath.IMG_3153IMG_3156IMG_3151A warm sunny day is also a reason to bring out the solar oven.  Pat makes a wonderful meal with fingerling potatoes, bell peppers, carrots,onions and pork chops in the solar oven.  There is no kitchen in our house during the summer.IMG_3145IMG_3147There is some weaving going on.  I am still intrigued by Saori weaving, a free form style that you can try different yarns and colors.  I will be cutting this to make a vest.  (Yeah, right.  I say that now.)IMG_3157Take care and see ya,

Sandy at My Yellow Swing


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It’s a Wrap

It’s a wrap or a shawl, whatever you want to call it, I’m weaving it.  This is a merino/silk blend woven on a Schacht rigid heddle loom.  I used the Brook Bouquet pattern on the ends and plain weave for the body.  IMG_3133IMG_3134The next shawl was woven with Yarn Bee Soft Secret in spring colors that my mom picked. IMG_3137Tapestry weaving has been on the small scale lately.  I used my Hokett loom for these miniature hangings.  I added turquoise beads on the blue weaving.IMG_3139 The kids at the after school knitting class tried out my small looms.  They had a good time playing with different yarns and colors.  Here’s one of the kits I made.  The craft stick worked well for weaving but I couldn’t make the hole for the yarn any bigger without splitting the wood.  I devised a threader from 20 gauge wire and a macrame bead.  It works!IMG_3129See ya,

Sandy O’


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Another Family Birthday!

I was in Kentucky last week celebrating several family events.  We had a delayed family Christmas.  No pictures, but I did get a photo of  another happy event.  We had a “Girls Night Out” to celebrate Kay’s birthday (which is today!  Happy Birthday, Kay!) while I was there.  We were mothers and daughters!  Mom is sitting, and standing from left to right, Liz, Kay, Kaylee, Sandy and Terry.  Happy Birthday, Kay!img_3112

Another happy part was a visit to Black Watch Alpaca Farm in Harrodsburg, Ky.  Who could not be happy surrounded by beautiful yarn and Deb’s always smiling face.  img_3111The sad part was a ceremony honoring my father.  He was inducted posthumously into the  Kentucky Cattlemen Hall of Fame.  We were so proud of his recognition and so proud of my mother receiving the award. img_3113img_3117img_3119Yes, we had to do the “Wise Monkeys”.  Mom doesn’t like it, but she loves us and puts up with it.  Hers was not the only strange looks we got.

So, I am back home and ready to weave.

See ya,


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Still Weaving

I am still on a weaving kick.  I keep weaving fabric for a vest or jacket, but when I take the fabric off the loom, it is so hard to put the scissors to it.  Like this one.  It is all cotton, mostly plain weave, but I also did some clasped weft sections.  I ordered a book called Beginner Saori Sewing, so hopefully, that will inspire me to make things from my hand weaving.  I mean, how many shawls does one really need ?  (Maybe just one more!)img_3102img_3104I also finished a scarf from my hand spun yarn.  Actually, I had knitted this yarn into a cowl, but the colors just washed out in the knitting, and I hated it.  So, I ripped out the knitting and put it on my Ashford SampleIt loom. I am very pleased with it now.img_3106img_3107Happy weaving!

See ya,

Sandy O’

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Merry Christmas

It is snowing in Southern Arizona!  It won’t stay long, I had to run out early to get these pictures.  This is our neighbor’s front yard.img_3090Here’s Frosty, the snow car.img_3091The “pile of snow” is in our back yard.img_3092We didn’t decorate much this year.  But I did find some snowmen to hang on the front door. And a reindeer made the milk can rather festive.  I will probably get some remarks from my sister, Terry.  She puts out over 65 Christmas blow molds at her house.img_3088img_3089Here’s wishing the merriest, joyful and peaceful holiday season!

See ya,

Sandy O’


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A Whole Lot Of Weaving Goin’ On

For some reason my Schacht rigid heddle loom has been calling my name.  And I answered.  Part of the weaving had to do with several tubs of yarn, both hand spun and ready made, taking up room in my studio space.  All of the projects started with the intention of weaving fabric to make into vests, but after taking them off the loom, I am going to use them as shawls.  This one is made from various mystery yarns that I picked up from the Yarn Babes donations.img_3077This one is all my hand spun yarn, mostly alpaca, with a couple of wool and wool blends.  I didn’t follow any particular pattern, just played with the textures and colors.  It is hard to pick my favorite, but I am partial to the browns.img_3081My next one is woven with my hand spun baby alpaca from Black Watch Alpacas in Kentucky.   I wanted to highlight the softness of the yarn, so I used a simple weaving pattern at each end and plain weave in the body.img_3084By the way, I devised a way to hold the end of the shawl while twisting the fringes.  I used two pick up sticks and two Sears clamps to clamp the shawl to the cross bar on the loom.  img_3074After all that white, it was time for some color.  This was leftover yarn from several knitting and weaving projects.img_3085 Not all weaving was done on the rigid heddle loom.  I finished some mug rugs on the Hokett loom.img_3086These are coasters woven on an old Rug Weave-it loom from the 1930’s, a gift from the Head Yarn Babe, Nancy.  I glued them to cork backings.  They make neat gifts.IMG_2433 img_3087Whew!

See ya,

Sandy O’ at My Yellow Swing

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One More Birthday to Celebrate

I am a day behind, but here goes….

Happy Birthday, Daniel.  It is hard to believe that ??? number of years have past since my nephew, Daniel, was born.  He is my sister Terry and her husband Bill’s first child.  And also the first grandchild of my parents and my first nephew.  Actually, one of only two nephews, so no wonder I am such a proud aunt.  So, Daniel, be prepared for some embarrassing photos!

This is Daniel being held by his Great Grandmother Hoddy on his first Christmas.  (These are old photos that I scanned, so apologies for the poor quality.)scan-12

Daniel was a happy baby!  He was one year old here with his Aunt Sandy!  (Don’tcha love my pouffy hair!)


He spent a lot of time on Grandpa’s tractor.


Daniel came out to visit me and Pat in 2004.  We toured all the “Hot Spots” in Southern Arizona!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd I am super proud to say he has grown into a fine young man!20150530_192003See ya!

Aunt Sandy at My Yellow Swing


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