Happy Anniversary!

Z000415-R02-049This is one of the happiest days of my life!  And after thirty years……yes, thirty, it just keeps getting better.  Today I am in Kentucky with my family and Pat is in Arizona with Duffy, but our hearts are together.  I will be home soon, Sweetie!

See ya,


About psobrien

Hi, my name is Sandy and I am a retired professional quilter turned fiber artist with my main interest in spinning wool , using natural plants to dye fiber to be used in tapestry weaving. I grew up on a dairy farm in Kentucky, travelled around the world and now make my home in Southeastern Arizona with my husband, Pat and Duffy, our Westiepoo.
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1 Response to Happy Anniversary!

  1. Gail says:

    Congratulations to you Both! Thank you, Sandy, for serving on the Winterhaven board! You are a real trooper! Gail

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