Saori Weaving

My weaving projects have been on the back burner for a while.  The “Sheep in the Field” tapestry has been in a time-out phase.  I don’t have the zeal for the design, it just doesn’t seem to be calling to me.  I am tempted to take it all out (AGAIN) and try a different project, or just let it sit a little longer and hope the inspiration comes back.  Hmmmmm……..IMG_2616One thing that has caught my attention is Saori weaving, letting the yarn and the colors just flow without any definite pattern to follow.    I like how different textures come through, blending yarns to develop colors and patterns.  I finished this wall hanging which will be a gift to the mother of my alpaca rancher friend.  She supplied all of her favorite yarns.  It is like putting a puzzle together without having the finished picture.IMG_2774IMG_2771I finished the Stoney Point cowl.  It’s too warm in Arizona now to wear it, but will feel good this next winter.IMG_2779This is another bandana shawlette that I’m knitting with my hand spun yarn.  IMG_2780Things slowly getting back to normal.

See ya,

Sandy O’


About psobrien

Hi, my name is Sandy and I am a retired professional quilter turned fiber artist with my main interest in spinning wool , using natural plants to dye fiber to be used in tapestry weaving. I grew up on a dairy farm in Kentucky, travelled around the world and now make my home in Southeastern Arizona with my husband, Pat and Duffy, our Westiepoo.
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4 Responses to Saori Weaving

  1. araignee says:

    Gorgeous weaving!! It does tell a story, doesn’t it? Amazing. Love the cowl and the new shawl. I wish it was too warm to wear knits here. It will be in the single digits tonight they are saying. That’s too cold for me.

  2. Gail says:

    Sandy—- You are so talented! Your work is amazing! I love your sheep. Hopefully, the urge to continue the project, will hit you very soon! Gail

  3. I think you need to wait for the love to come back about the sheep tapestry! The other weaving is so pretty! The cowl is so soft looking! Nice to see what you are up to! Happy knitting on the newest cowl!

  4. Cindy Cusack says:

    Sandy, Just read your blog and was so sorry to learn about the loss of your father. My heartfelt sympathy and love to you. Hope your mom is doing well but I know she misses him terribly. I lost my dad in October and I know just what you are feeling. We can be very thankful that the Lord blessed us with wonderful fathers. Hugs to you and Pat! Cindy

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