What’s Going On?

All my Christmas packages have been mailed.  Whew!  Pat and I keep our holiday celebrations simple and calm.  Duffy is ready for anything.IMG_2209The Yarn Babes (my social knitting group) took a trip to Tombstone for their annual group photo.  Regretfully, I was not able to join them, but I did obtain evidence of their day out.Digifile YB Smiling 14Nov15From left to right: Janne, Iris, Joyce, Julie, Jo (Yarn Babe Social Secretary), Nancy (Head Yarn Babe), Linda and Nancy.  I told them they should have dressed up for the occasion, but they decided to just wear their every day outfits.  At least they remembered to bring their knitting.

I finished the mug rug weaving that was on the Hokett loom.  I just love that little loom.  And, Pat loves his new mug rug.  IMG_2206I knitted a baby bib for a new mother-to-be.IMG_2210I started a new project on my rigid heddle loom.  I have always wanted to try a houndstooth pattern.IMG_2213Another shawl is on my needles.IMG_2216One last thing I’d like to share.  I have posted many times about the Forkland Heritage Festival in which my family has participated for many, many years.  This past October, their local Kentucky television station interviewed my mother and it is now on YouTube.  The first half of the interview shows one of the founders of the festival, the second half features my mom.  You can see it HERE.  Hope you enjoy it.  I’m very proud of her.

See ya,




About psobrien

Hi, my name is Sandy and I am a retired professional quilter turned fiber artist with my main interest in spinning wool , using natural plants to dye fiber to be used in tapestry weaving. I grew up on a dairy farm in Kentucky, travelled around the world and now make my home in Southeastern Arizona with my husband, Pat and Duffy, our Westiepoo.
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4 Responses to What’s Going On?

  1. araignee says:

    You made me choke on my tea with that group photo. Too funny!

  2. What a fun filled post! The new items are great projects; so nice to find simple n this hectic time of year-good for you both! You have a crazy group of knitting friends! Sorry you couldn’t go!

  3. Cheryl says:

    What a fun knit group! Looks like a fun outing. Too bad you missed out on that one. Looks like you’ve been having lots of project fun. I’ve been knitting and crocheting here and there but haven’t done any weaving or spinning for a while. I’m planning to practice up on spinning after Christmas though. I found a lady in Tucson that teaches spinning with cotton and she’s amazing! I can’t wait to try to learn to spin cotton too! 😀

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