Whatever Wednesday

Here are some photos taken last year by my husband, Pat.  By the way, I’m trying to come up with a Photo Challenge of my own for this year.  Any ideas?

We had gone on a hike along the San Pedro River.  These pictures were taken at the restored ranch house and a storage shed constructed from railroad ties.  It is also habitat for the Sonoran Spotted Whiptail lizard.



We help several Alpaca ranchers with the spring sharing.  That’s me with the red shirt.ImageImage


Another place we like to ride mountain bikes is the Empire Ranch in Sonoita, AZ.  The house and barns are being restored to preserve the history of ranch.  The John Wayne movie “Red River” was filmed here, as well as many other westerns including the original “3:10 From Yuma”





We volunteered a couple of days at a ghost town called Fairbank, AZ.  Fairbank was a town located between Tucson and Douglas and the closest train station for Tombstone, AZ.  It was a major silver ore stamping station in the area.  Image


The old “Post Office” building gutters needed repair to keep the rain water from running into the adobe walls.  It was one of the projects we helped with.




The buildings in the ghost town are not open to the public, but volunteers who help with the restoration get a special inside look.ImageImage ImageImageImage


That’s all for now.

See ya,



About psobrien

Hi, my name is Sandy and I am a retired professional quilter turned fiber artist with my main interest in spinning wool , using natural plants to dye fiber to be used in tapestry weaving. I grew up on a dairy farm in Kentucky, travelled around the world and now make my home in Southeastern Arizona with my husband, Pat and Duffy, our Westiepoo.
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3 Responses to Whatever Wednesday

  1. Cheryl says:

    I love lizards! I think they’re so cool! I’ve sculpted a lot of them on my clay/ceramics. And, I love seeing them around our house and on hikes. I’m working up my courage to actually hold one someday. Eeek! lol Looks like a fun place to ride to and to volunteer. That’s cool that you get to help restore and preserve it.

  2. Cindy in Fl says:

    Very cool-I loved to visit the ghost towns when we toured Colorado! Neat volunteer work!
    I am trying to come up with a photo challenge, too. I will keep you posted!

  3. Photo challenge ideas – Colors (a different color each week), Nature things (flowers, leaves, etc), Interesting buildings or architecture, something based on a book, poem or song title (like a church bell for Whom the Bell Tolls), hobbies, interesting people or professions (like a carpenter or a weaver)… That’s all my brain can come up with. I’ll go with whatever you choose.

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