Rug Update

I want to start out by saying I hate to complain… about anything.  And living in Arizona one should NEVER complain about rain.  We need rain any time, any way we can get it.  But it was raining when I woke up yesterday and it’s still raining this morning.  Oh well.  And to make matters worse (yes, I’m still complaining), I pulled a muscle in my lower back yesterday morning when I reached down to get something off the floor.  I was just sitting there, reached down and OOOOOHHHHH!!!!  I spent the ENTIRE DAY with ice packs, heating pad and Aleve.  I was able to get some sleep last night, but still feeling puny today.  There.  That’s enough of that.  

Now for progress on my Navajo rug (that I wasn’t able to work on yesterday and probably not today.)


I’m about a third way done,  and I’m liking it!  I wasn’t sure about the light brown variegated yarn but I think it works.  The yarn was my first trial  dyeing with my  hand spun yarn.  It is a pecan hull dye and I didn’t know to weight the yarn down in the dye pot.  So the parts that floated on the top are lighter than the rest.  The colors aren’t true in the photo.  The green isn’t that grey and the two corner designs are more maroon.  All the yarn is my hand spun, and I see where I need to spin all the yarn for the project at the same size.  Always learning what works and what can be improved.

Since the Letter “K” pictures, I’ve gotten back to making cords with Kumihimo.  Here’s a sneak preview on a special something that I’ve made for Basically Benita and her partner Sandy.Image

And I’ve made a Thank you gift for the soap vendor, Desert Oasis, at our Farmers Market.  He makes the BEST soap and doesn’t mind my special “Lavender” soap requests.  Image

And a start on Christmas presents.Image

The always favorite dishcloth, and I add a bar of Desert Oasis soap.  

Well, that’s it.  

See ya!



About psobrien

Hi, my name is Sandy and I am a retired professional quilter turned fiber artist with my main interest in spinning wool , using natural plants to dye fiber to be used in tapestry weaving. I grew up on a dairy farm in Kentucky, travelled around the world and now make my home in Southeastern Arizona with my husband, Pat and Duffy, our Westiepoo.
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3 Responses to Rug Update

  1. Cindy in FL says:

    Very good progress on the rug-it is a work of art just like this! Sorry about the pain-it is dumb how it messes up your whole day (s) ! The dishcloths and mitts are great knits! Hope you feel better soon!

  2. I love how the rug is coming along. The gifts you sent Sandy and I will be loved and used for a very long time. They are perfect for containing sock-sized projects.

    And, I think that solid yarn is good enough, but yarn that isn’t solid has character and will always be my favorite.

  3. K says:

    Feel better soon,

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